Sylvania drops its Sylvania Township annexation plans.... again

Published: Feb. 25, 2020 at 6:27 PM EST
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Another try and another fail for the city of Sylvania as it tries to annex portions of Sylvania Township.

The city didn't have all its paperwork together Tuesday afternoon, leading to the city dropping the idea for the second time in three months.

A clearly frustrated audience, property owners and county commissioners were once again prepared for the case of Sylvania trying to annex property from the township. Once again at the last minute, the process was stalled in its tracks, and it will probably come back.

Sylvania is now into the second year of trying to annex between 50 and 100 homes from Sylvania Township. In this second year, Sylvania is no closer to making it happen.

"I do apologize for the error, but at this point we'd like to just go ahead and withdraw the petition," said Sylvania Law Director Leslie Brinning as she pulled the annexation petition Tuesday afternoon.

Because of technicalities, the city asked for a continuance of a hearing that had already started and tried to present an amendment that no county commissioners had a copy of.

"We're frustrated by the ineptitude of the city. It's almost like the township has to teach the city how to do the annexation correctly so we can get it ruled on because they can't get anything right,” said Sylvania Township resident Joe Verkennes.

These specific township properties are subject to annexation because they're connected to Sylvania city water. Township residents are eager to argue their case but didn't get that chance Tuesday and didn't get much of an apology.

So why hasn't the city dotted its Is and crossed its Ts?

"I would say it would be safe to say there is a disagreement about how things have come to this point. We're going to continue to work at it and move forward," said Bill Sanford, Sylvania’s Economic Development Director.

"This procedure was mangled, but they need to sit down together, the trustees, the city council, the mayor and work something out. That's where it really belongs,” said Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken.

"Someday we want to get to the substance of the issue and have this thing done forever," said Verkeenes.

Those residents say the arguments that will made are that this annexation is unreasonably large and doesn't serve the greater good. They'll make their arguments when all this paperwork and the whole case is filed again, which the city said is expected to happen.