Sylvania native talks about being in the middle of the massacre in Las Vegas

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TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - A Toledo area native is one of the survivors of the massacre in Las Vegas.

Josh McAfee is in a band that performed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival just hours before the attack.

McAfee and his other band members were all very close to the stage when the shots first rang out.

While he was running through the streets trying to get to safety, he was frantically trying to get in touch with his parents in Sylvania and his girlfriend who is also originally from the Toledo area.

The images of that horrific day are still fresh in McAfee's mind, "I watched people die, I watched people get shot. People were running, screaming, crying and panicking. It was the scariest thing in my entire life It was the most horrific, tragic event imaginable.There were thousands of people running for their lives. we were all literally running for our lives."

The 2012 Sylvania Northview graduate says he moved to Nashville 10 months ago. He quickly landed a job playing base for Dylan Schneider, an up and coming country singer.

"We were right in front of a barrier, kind of backstage watching Jason Aldean." said McAfee. "At first we thought it was fireworks, but as soon as we saw the band running off stage we realized what was happening."

As McAfee was running for his life, he was trying to get in touch with his parents in Sylvania and his girlfriend who now lives in Nashville.

He frantically left messages, "My heart was beating out of my chest I didn't know if that would be the last time I was able to tell my parents that I loved them . It was the scariest thing I have ever dealt with. I wasn't able to get in touch with my girlfriend Angel until hours later."

Josh was staying in the same hotel as the shooter, and that's the first place he thought to go in the middle of the chaos, "We were staying on the 19th floor of the Mandalay Bay, and my first instinct was to get back to the hotel because I thought I would be safe there. As I got closer to the hotel, people were running the other way saying you don't want to go that way."

While the magnitude of the tragedy he survived continues to sink in for McAfee, the band is heading back out on the road this week, "The band of brothers working together and playing together again is the best medicine right now."

McAfee will be back on stage with Dylan Schneider and the rest of the band in Pittsburgh on Friday and then in Bristol, Tennessee on Saturday.