Sylvania neighbors calling on fun center to keep paintballs out of their yards

SYLVANIA, Ohio (WTVG) - For Debbie Gembolis there's a lot to like about her quiet Sylvania neighborhood.

"I love my house, I love the neighborhood—the neighbors are all amazing," said Gembolis.

One thing she's not impressed with, however, are the paintballs she says that fly overhead.

"They end up in the front yard, on cars in the front yard," Gembolis said.

Gembolis' backyard sits up against two paintball fields owned by Funagin's Family Fun Center off Centennial. Despite the presence of a 23-foot tall fence with netting she says the paint-filled projectiles still make it over and hit her home.

"I have white marks on my house that do not come off," Gembolis said. "They're probably there to stay. I can't even power wash those off—they haven't come off."

Now Gembolis and her neighbors say they're fed up and they want something done.

"They can have fun and stuff, but we just want it to be taken care of," Gembolis' daughter Claire said.

But many homes on Quarry Side have only been around for a few years while Funagin's has been around for more than decade.

"You move next to a golf course, you expect golf balls in your backyard," said Funagin's co-owner Jason Swearingen. "I mean, I don't know what else to say to them."

Swearingen says he already spent $30,000 to improve fencing at the business. His team even eliminated parts of the course and restricted play all in hopes of curbing the issue.

"We've done about everything we can do to stop our paintballs from going over there," Swearingen said. "I mean, it doesn't seem to appease them."

Now as people call for more to be done to keep the paintballs off their property Funagin's says neighbors need to step up and help pay for the expensive solution they seek.

"So far it's been one-sided--us having to fix everything," Swearingen said. "They don't any responsibility for any of it."

Neighbors and Swearingen say Sylvania city officials have reached out to both sides over this stalemate. They tell 13abc the issue will likely go into mediation later this month. If things aren't resolved there Swearingen says he's prepared to take the case to court.