Sylvanians have different thoughts on health department shut down of The Village Inn

SYLVANIA, Ohio (13abc Action News) - For some people the temporary closing of The Village Inn comes as a shock.

"I was actually planning on going there last night to get a few drinks and they weren't open," said patron Tom Leonard. "So I was pretty bummed out."

For others it's something they say they saw coming all along.

"Probably, over the last year it was--maybe two years--really going downhill," said former patron Kristy Zander. "We stopped going."

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department ordered a 30 day shut down of the restaurant on Friday. The regional health district also suspended its food operation for the same period.

The move comes after health inspectors recorded 112 violations between April of last year to January of this year.

"We'd stop maybe for a drink, but we would not order food after our experiences there," said Zander.

Thirty-eight of the 100 plus violations are listed as critical.

They range from improper food handling to cleanliness issues to no certified person in charge.

"I've never felt that going there," said Leonard. "I feel like everybody that seems that they're in charge was doing what they're supposed to be doing. So I was quite surprised."

In a report, the health department says the owner stated she did not have the funds to make necessary repairs to the restaurant.

The report also notes that a staff training manual doesn't address ongoing violations that could lead to food borne illness.

While they're issues customers don't like to hear, some hope the local staple can correct its issues and get back to business.

"People go there after church on Sundays and I'd go there for breakfast," said Zander. "I'd love to see them clean-up their act."

"Hopefully they get on top of it and they fix everything and it's better than it used to be," said Leonard.

The closure at The Village Inn lasts until February 24th at midnight.

It could be lifted early, however, if the health department finds the restaurant and bar in compliance with standards before then.