Sylvanians spend white Christmas sledding, enjoying winter weather

SYLVANIA, Ohio (13abc Action News) - Whether going solo, hitching a ride or brushing up on skills, people in Sylvania enjoyed their Christmas Day sledding in the snow.

"What's your favorite part of being out there, though," 13abc reporter Michael Bratton asked one sledder. "My favorite part is going down the hill."

Sunday's winter storm was one for the record books, dropping the most snow ever on a Christmas Eve in our area.

"I actually wanted a white Christmas this year, so i'm really happy about it," said Ashley O'Loughlin.

While youngsters enjoyed the near-perfect sledding conditions, those young at heart joined in on the fun too.

"Well, it's probably the first time I've sled in many a year, so it's been fun," one woman told 13abc.

When doing outdoor activities in winter weather, like sledding, experts recommend taking steps to stay safe and healthy in the cold.

The National Weather Service recommends: wearing layers of loose, light-fitting warm clothes, a hat to stay dry and out of the wind, covering your mouth to protect your lungs and wearing mittens rather than gloves.

With single digit wind chills and arctic air on the way, sledders are making sure to stay warm so they can keep having fun in the snow.

"We layer up," said Hannah Ogden. "We make sure we have our scarves over our faces and trying to keep warm."

"I have gloves, a pair of snow pants, and two jackets underneath this so then I would stay warm," said O'Loughlin.