TPD Town Hall Meeting at Bethlehem Family Life Center

Published: Jul. 20, 2016 at 6:05 PM EDT
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The deadly shootings of black men and numerous police officers around the world has Toledo pastors and city leaders talking race relations.

"We want to be proactive as oppose to reactive because when the emotions are high things are not easily heard and you definitely can't shout at one another. This is not a shouting time this is a sharing time," said Pastor Talmadge Thomas.

Pastor Talmadge Thomas met with Toledo police chief George Kral.

Next week they will hold a town how meeting to educate the community.

"We want to be aware of what their protocols are why they pull people over. what are the signs, what are the signals that say I need to pull this car over. As well as when you are pulled over what to do," said Pastor Thomas.

The police chief admits

"It's a taxing time to be a street officer right now," said Toledo Police Chief George Kral.

Chief Kral doesn't want strained relations between offices and residents. The chief hopes the citizens will come out and voice their concerns as well as show support for Toledo officers who risk their lives everyday.

"What we don't know can do us harm and we don't want to antagonized but achieve a common goal and that's to work together," said Pastor Thomas.

The town hall meeting is Wednesday July 27th from 5-7pm at Bethlehem Family Life Center located at 1430 West Bancroft street.