Toledo Police officer nearly struck by car in Save-A-Lot parking lot

Published: Feb. 18, 2020 at 11:52 PM EST
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In the last week, two Toledo Police officers have either been shot at or nearly run over while on duty. Both officers are OK and back at work, but these cases illustrate how dangerous the job is.

On Monday, a detective was almost hit by a car while she was handling a parking violation.

The detective involved walked away with a minor finger injury after trying to push the car away to avoid being struck.

Police reports show the suspect back up and swerved more than once in an attempt to harm the officer in a Save-A-Lot parking lot.

It was an alarming situation for Toledo police detective Shelli Kilburn.

Just before 5:30 p.m. Monday, Kilburn was working security at the Save-A-Lot on Airport Highway. The detective approached a woman who was illegally parked in a handicapped space.

The police report indicates the suspect quote "became irate and stated 'Why are you (expletive) with me over a parking spot?'"

The suspect got away, fleeing the scene southbound on Emery.

Investigators later determined the driver of the vehicle was 29-year-old Britnay Slay.

A warrant has been issued for her arrest. Slay is charged with felonious assault, a first degree felony.

"Had she stayed and cooperated she would have simply received a parking ticket," said Lt. Kellie Lenhardt of the Toledo Police Department.

"How safe is a police officer nowadays?," said Robin Atkins.

Atkins lives nearby and shops at Save-A-Lot just about every day.

"It doesn't surprise me. It does not because people don't care. They park where they want, they do what they want, and they just don't care," said Atkins.

Lt. Lenhardt says drivers parking illegally in handicapped spaces is an ongoing problem.

"Certainly in the grand scheme of events of homicides or people shot it's not something that people consider like first and foremost in their mind. But it is a very large issue within our handicapped community, especially for caregivers and people who go about their normal routines and are handicapped. Those spots are essential for them to be able to have easy access to things that the rest of us usually take for granted," said Lt. Lenhardt.

While Officer Kilburn is recovering and back on the job, this situation serves as a reminder of the dangers detectives go through daily.

"Handful of professions that go to work everyday wondering if they're going to come home at night," said Lt. Lenhardt.

At last check, Slay has not yet been booked. 13abc did reach out to Save-A-Lot management and the store declined to comment.

According to news reports, Kilburn has been assaulted by suspects on a number of occasions.

By far the most serious was in 2004 when she was shot three times by a robbery suspect before he was killed by police. She received the "Blue Star Award," given to an officer killed or wounded in the line of duty, and she received "The Medal of Valor."