Mother, activist, call for officer suspensions in controversial arrest video

Published: Sep. 6, 2019 at 10:03 PM EDT
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Toledo native and activist Gerald Rose was joined by Jabril and Jannah Wyley's mother Wednesday calling for the police involved in their controversial arrest earlier this month to be suspended.


Sept. 10

Toledo Police Chief George Kral:

"A detective told the defendant 11 times to get back and stay out of the investigation"

"These two officers have two fighting subjects and there's a third person they can't keep their eye on because they are trying to control the two people who are resisting arrest. So there was a heightened danger there."

"The community has questioned if the officer used excessive force in taking her down. Sure. Obviously you call them hand stuns to get her under control. The public sees it as punches. Is there something else he could have done? Sure he could have maced her. He could have tazed her. He could have hit her with his asp which are all much worse in my opinion that putting hands on someone. I got a lot of feedback saying well this looks really bad. When some resists arrest it looks bad. There's no way for a fight to look good. As long as someone is resisting arrest those officers are allowed to that amount of force that's reasonable and necessary to get that person under arrest. If that takes open hand stuns, closed hand stuns, knees to major muscle groups they'll do that. We'll want to get the person handcuffed as quickly as possible to avoid injury. "


Monday, September 9.

Toledo Police have released dashcam of the now viral arrest of a brother and sister from Friday.

In the video, Toledo Police officers are seen struggling with two individuals identified as Jabril Wyley, 21, and Jannah Wyley 21.

Their mother, Dauleta Wyley, tells 13abc her daughter was leaving work at a daycare on Lagrange and waiting for her brother to pick her up when the incident happened.

"As a parent, I'm devastated," said Dauleta Wyley, mother of Jabril and Jannah. "My kids haven't gotten into any trouble and they don't have records for harassment, none of that."

Toledo Police released an updated statement Monday: