TPD targets the liquor licenses of three bars

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) The owners of the Lion's Den will get to hold on to their liquor license.
Toledo City Council decided not to accept the recommendation from the Toledo police department to shut down the bar.

"We feel good about it but if should have never came down to this point. The stuff they are talking about never happened there," said Samuel Wallace.

Officers claim there have been dozens of calls for various crimes to the bar. Several city council members questioned administrators about whether those calls were actually for incidents at the bar or around the neighborhood. Councilman Tyrone Riley agrees the City of Toledo needs to shut down businesses that breed crime, but he also says officers need to work with the business owners.

"If they are not doing with they are supposed to do then why not give them a notice. Why not tell them listen we've received these number of complaints regarding your establishment and it's not good. So you either need to make some corrections or we're going to take your license. That way we don't penalize the employees," said city councilman Tyrone Riley.

One local DJ voiced his concerns about how Toledo police act toward black establishments. A 13abc viewer shared cell phone video of officers inside Vickies Bar.

"The police harassment is so vicious and to us it seems racial. When we come out and try to talk to these officers they are being very rude and nasty to us."

Vickies Bar was also on the list for its liquor license renewal.
Toledo city council did not accept TPD's recommendation for a denial of the bar's liquor permit renewal. City council members said they want to give the owners a chance and plan to look at it next year.

They also addressed the concerns of brooks bar located on Monroe street. The bar is closed, but city leaders agreed it's liquor license should be denied. A recommendation will be sent to the liquor commission.