TPPA helps local food pantry

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A local police union is doing more than protecting the streets. The organization is helping to feed the less fortunate.

"There's no greater feeling or joy to hear a guy or a lady say Thank you this is really going to help my family when I hand them a box of food," said Ken Hayes.

Once a month City of Toledo employee Ken Hayes uses a vacation day and his own money to help feed families in need. He runs a program called the North Western Grand Lodge Food Pantry. It use to be housed in the Woodruff Village community center.

"They got bought out in January so we had to move," said Hayes.

The Toledo Police Patrolman's Association was gracious enough to allow Hayes and his team to set up shop at its union hall.

"He let me come in in May and we've been here ever since," said Hayes.

"It is a blessing you know."

Dozens of people line up to get a box of food every third Thursday of the month.

"The box looks good," said Shirley Williamson.

Shirley Williamson showed us the food that will get her through the rest of the month.

"You got your eggs, your milk, your cereal. Your snacks, your cheese your dessert, and toilet paper. Everybody food gets low whether they get stamps or don't get stamps according on how you get paid. If you got kids it's always a good to have a little extra coming in," said Williamson.

"We generally have 65 to 90 families line up. We always run out of food and unfortunately we have to to turn people away," said Hayes.

He has eight or nine dedicated volunteers. The food pantry operates off of donations.

"Personal donations from people and family members and a little shopping I have to do myself. If want to give out certain products like tooth paste, toilet paper, or stuff like that," said Hayes.

Hayes says every penny is worth it.

"It's just part of me giving back to the community," said Hayes.

If you would like to donate food to the pantry call 419-810 0993.