TPS offers alternatives for ECOT students

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Trinity Coutcher is a freshman in high school. Until recently she was enrolled at the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow also known as ECOT. But after its abrupt closure, she's stuck and struggling to decide if she wants to enroll at Waite High School.

"I like the programs that Waite mentioned, but it's a big school. I feel like that's my only problem coming here," Coutcher said.

There are plenty of other families in the same boat.

Earlier this month, the local board that oversaw ECOT pulled its sponsorship because of ongoing financial issues.

But Toledo Public Schools is hoping to ease the burden for those area families.

"We believe that we have schools and programs for their choice," Jim Gault, transformational leader of curriculum at Toledo Public Schools said. "If not we have a couple of other options."

Gault says there are nearly 300 ECOT students in the TPS district. So far, 15 have enrolled. He says even if the traditional route isn't for particular students, "there's also Phoenix Academy as well as information about home schooling."

Coutcher says she likes knowing that she has options. And though she's nervous, she says she believes she'll end up at Waite after all.

"I know I don't like the idea," she said. "But I fell like this is the best for my future."