Taco Bell fires fries volley in Dollar Menu battle

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TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - Taco Bell will introduce Nacho Fries to its dollar menu later this month. The fries will come with cheese for dipping, and can be fully loaded with beef, sour cream, and salsa. For years, Taco Bell was reluctant to offer fries, but made the change as it competes with McDonald's and other fast food chains for the lucrative value-customer market. McDonald's recently revived its dollar menu.

The fries will be launched nationwide on January 25. They'll be one of 20 items on Taco Bell's new dollar menu.

The announcement came on the same day McDonald's unveiled its new fresh meat burger option, the Arch Burger. The Arch Burger is being tested in markets in Oklahoma and Texas, and is an attempt to lure customers looking for premium fast food options.