Tall order for road crews on potholes and alleys

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - Toledo mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz has declared a pothole blitz. He wants 50,000 potholes patched in six weeks.

Jeremy Mikolajczyk with Streets, Bridges and Harbor says, "So far, the crews are doing a very good job at taking them off one by one and getting every single pothole that they come by.'

Road crews have patched 5,700 potholes in the week since the pothole blitz was launched.

Mikolajczyk says he has 20 to 30 openings in his department and filling those positions would help him meet the mayor's goal.

And they could help him with regard to the alley clean up and grating promise the mayor made.

There are 174 miles of alleys in Toledo.

The mayor wants all of them cleaned and grated by the end of the year.

But grating 174 miles worth will be difficult, according to Mikolajczyk.

"it's not possible to get through every single one of them on the grating but on the cleaning side, our crews making great effort getting through all those alleys we need to get through."

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