Tap water in Adrian safe to drink

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ADRIAN (13abc Action News) -
Bad tasting water used to happen almost every summer in Adrian. With the help of wells, that problem is now rare. The water is safe but some aren't ready to drink up.

“Again the water is safe to drink but from an aesthetics concern we had some concerns with algae growth,” Shane Horn said. He’s the city administrator of Adrian, Michigan.

“I dunno. I’m kind of scared about drinking it,” Adrian resident Janee Cox said.

To combat to taste and smell of chemicals, the Adrian water plant switched to its well system.

“So about 90% of our water coming into the facility is coming from our groundwater wells and that's helped with some of the taste compounds,” Horn said.

Janee Cox says she'll stick with bottled water after getting quite the shock 10 days ago.

“Went in to take a big swig of cold water and it tasted like moldy dirt,” Cox said. “Of course I spit it out right away.”

She and three other people told us that Adrian's water usually has a chlorine taste but this is different. Still...

“I don't see anything visibly. The city is saying that it's safe to drink,” Cox said.

Lake Adrian is low and green. And that has a lot of people turning to bottled water. But both Sieler’s and Culligan haven't seen any increased business and Adrian College isn't doing anything differently.

“So that kind of tells you the intensity of the algae in just that small volume that we're bringing into the facility,” Horn said.

And when people hear that word, algae they worry. But this is not Toledo’s 2014 problem by a long shot.

“We have not picked up any of the microcystin compounds out of the reservoir or in our tap,” Horn said.

City administrator Shane Horn says the newer, better tasting water will take a few days to flush through the system.