Team Recovery warns of spike in overdoses in Lucas County

Published: Jun. 17, 2018 at 8:25 AM EDT
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A local drug rehabilitation group says we are seeing a seasonal spike in overdoses.

Team Recovery says they were with officers responding to eight overdoses within a 5-hour period Saturday morning in Lucas County. They also tell us one of the people that overdosed died.

The group blames this uptick in overdoses on the warmer weather and drug dealers trying to get addicts hooked.

"You'll see bad batches come into the area as well," says Matt Bell, president of Team Recovery. "You'll see drug dealers specifically trying to increase the number of overdoses because that increases the traffic to them. To you and I, we would think to stay away from a potentially deadly dose like that, but to an addict, someone active in addiction, they would think 'that's the stronger stuff.'"

If you know someone who needs help in the battle against addiction, you can contact places like Team Recovery or Racing for Recovery. We've attached links to their websites on this story.

Team Recovery is based in Toledo at 1618 W. Sylvania Ave. You can call them at 419-561-LIFE (5433).

Racing for Recovery is located at 6202 Trust Dr. in Holland. You can call them by dialing 419-824-8462.

If you need help in a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.