Tecumseh Superintendent on paid leave after fiery meeting

Tecumseh public schools
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TECUMSEH, Mich (WTVG) -- Two months ago, in January 2019, the Tecumseh Public School board placed then Superintendent Kelly Coffin on leave.

This week, the board placed current Superintendent Ryan Rhoades on leave.

The move was prompted by allegations from staff and teachers who claim they received forms of threats and intimidation from Superintendent Rhoades.

Those employees brought the allegations to light during the public school board meeting Monday, March 25, 2019.

President of the Tecumseh Public Schools board, Tim Simpson, says he did not anticipate the allegations, nor the fiery nature of the meeting itself.

"Before this board meeting, I thought we were moving in the right direction. The board meeting was really good," described Simpson, "So, I thought we were moving the right way, and kind of got blindsided Monday night."

Video posted to Facebook by a group called "Tecumseh Parents for Progress" shows many of the employees approaching the microphone and addressing members of the board during the meeting. Some of them expressed outrage over an email sent to employees, allegedly by Superintendent Rhoades.

One employee stood up and announced he was fired, prompting an audible gasp from the audience.

Following the meeting, Simpson says the board placed Rhoades on paid, non-disciplinary leave.

The Tecumseh Public Schools board is set to meet Thursday morning to consider hiring an outside firm to investigate the allegations. It will also interview a candidate for interim superintendent. That candidate, according to Simpson, is also from outside the district.