Teen accused of murder may be tried as adult

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TOLEDO (WTVG) -- As Emmanuel Garner, 16, entered juvenile court, the father of the young woman he's accused of killing says he felt both loss and pity for the teen.

"I felt sorry for him and his family, too, because it's sad, you know? I mean, it really is because it wasn't no need for it," explains Demetrius Wallace.

Sunday, on the 1800 block of Macomber, Garner is accused of opening fire after a neighborhood fight spilled into the street.

The shooting injured Tanaysia Young, 15, and took the life of De'Asia Wallace, who was 20 years old.

Garner is now facing charges of felonious assault and murder.

"He was a kid himself, you know what I'm saying?," says Demetrius Wallace. "He's just hurting. There's so many families out here just hurting right now over the senseless stuff."

Today will not be the last time Garner appears in a juvenile courtroom, but the prosecutor is pushing to move him from the Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center and have Garner tried as an adult.

It's a move juvenile prosecutor Lori Olender sees happening more and more.

"This is by far exponentially more murders than I've ever had in one year in the juvenile division," adds Olender.

De'Asia's great uncle calls the violence an act that is hurting the entire community.

"One dead and one gone. That means two dead," Jeffery Wallace told reporters. "Let's wake up. Let's wake up. Stop the violence."

Garner is set to return to a courtroom next week for a pretrial hearing.

If he is tried as an adult and convicted on all charges, the prosecutor says Garner could spend more than 20 years behind bars before he's up for parole.