Tent City takes over Toledo this weekend

Published: Oct. 21, 2016 at 11:28 PM EDT
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People came out to support 1 Matters Tent City in Toledo on Friday.

Musician John Mellencamp is backing the cause and has been for the last nine years.

"He's rolling his sleeves up and he's getting involved and he's using his platform to talk about an epidemic that's not just here in Toledo, Ohio ladies and gentlemen but it's across our country," said Haraz Ghanbari.

Mellencamp said, "I think that's kinda why all you folks are here, because you know what's right."

Harvey Parker and others came to Fridays event to support veterans living on the streets.

"It's time to get them off the streets an get them jobs an housing," said Parker.

The 3-day event will provide homeless individuals services they rarely receive and might not know about.

Shawn Clark the Program Dir. of Veterans Matter said the program offers "birth certificates, IDs, we provide medical services [and] clothing."

1Matters Board Member Steve North said, a Lifeline bus is parked downtown near the Safety Building and acts as a medical clinic. Multiple services will be available for people this weekend.

Selflessness doesn't stop there. There's also free clothes, dinner, breakfast, entertainment and a walk to end homelessness.

"Nationwide we now house 1200th this week. 1200th veteran," said Ken Leslie.

"We don't like to toot our our horns, but we like to see the smiles on people's faces and when they get what they want they smile," added Clark.

A link to find a schedule of events can be found in this article.