Lucas County Land Bank offering hope to neighbors dealing with blight

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The land bank is offering hope to neighbors dealing with abandoned blighted homes.

There are thousands of deserted rundown homes in Toledo.
Gordon Davis says you can find one in just about every neighborhood.
He's lives across the street on Overland from a home that was abandoned.

"As you see the neighborhood is not a rundown neighborhood. We only had that one house they worked on," said Gordon Davis.

Residents are all to familiar with the headaches of living near a crumbling home.

"It's easy to renovate a home. It's harder to change the context of a neighborhood, but that's what we are trying to do," said the president of the Land Bank David Mann

In 2016 the Land Bank announced it would renovate or level 1500 homes in 1500 days. They are about a year in and the president of the Land Bank says they've made incredible progress.

"We are about 1/3 of the way done. We have renovated or demolished 769 homes. More than a 100 homes have been renovated including the one we are standing in right now and another 600 properties have be demolished removing blighted nuisance properties from neighborhoods," said Mann.

Mann showed us one of the renovated homes on Overland near Sylvania. They remodeled the kitchen, clean up the yard and garbage in the house.

"The largest investment anyone makes is in there home. Preserving property values and giving people a sense of community is critically important to the land bank," said Mann.

Mann says unoccupied housing burdens a neighborhood that's why the land bank encourages homeowners to help them out.

"Neighbors can help by being engaged. By communicating about properties they see on their own block or in their neighborhoods and pitching in and helping in the small ways that they can do so together we can all make a difference for our neighborhoods," said Mann.

Davis says he's pleased he doesn't have to look at the eyesore or get embarrassed when family and friends come over.

"They did a real good job and I mean they were in and out of there everyday," said Davis.

Neighbors say every time a house comes down or is remodeled it raises the quality of the neighborhood.