The mid-pandemic vacationer's guidebook: what to expect when traveling

Published: Jun. 9, 2020 at 3:56 AM EDT
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Things like air travel, amusement parks, and luxurious vacation resorts are going to look a little different this summer. The new normal is here, and it includes a face mask, even when you've got tickets to paradise.

On most airlines, face masks will be mandatory for passengers, with more time in-between flights and not as many flights to certain destinations.

Dawn Kelly, a travel agent working with Travel Connections in Oregon, says this will also include flight delays if that airline needs more time to clean the plane before boarding for the next flight.

"A lot of the air schedules are gone. Even for domestic travel, they can't fill them, they're getting rid of a lot of the air schedules," Kelly said. "I think we'll probably see an increase into June or July and then a little bit more normalcy there."

Theme parks like

will have employees and guests wearing masks, making ticket reservations mandatory, and pausing new ticket sales to reduce crowds inside the parks. Social distancing guidelines will be implemented in lines for rides.

Other island destinations and resorts may require a negative COVID-19 screening before you arrive, and constant cleaning will keep hotels busy to meet new CDC health standards.

Kelly also mentions now is the time to purchase cancellation or change fee insurance for your trips. Many airlines and hotels offer this option for an additional price when booking.

Back in March and April, many companies waived fees if someone cancelled their trip due to the pandemic. In the future, they will not be so forgiving.

Nonetheless, plenty of people still have wanderlust, especially after staying home for so long.

"If this is going to be our new normal for a while people do want to travel, resorts and destinations do want to welcome people. Airlines want to get flying again," Kelly said. "So I think that everybody wants to get back to business, but everyone is just trying to manage things as best they can to keep things as safe as possible."

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