The warm fall continues

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TOLEDO, OH (13abc Action News) – Our average high is 65°, but highs haven't been that cool since the month of October started. Instead temperatures have been close to record levels at times. Highs have been in the middle 80s twice, and another 80° day is possible once again this weekend. So far October has been about 10° above average. While the forecast doesn't show any big temperature declines, our averages and records continue to fall. Our average high will be in the upper 50s by the end of the month. The last 90°-day recorded in the fall season took place on October 8th. The last 80°-day occurred on November 4th. The October warmth has the fall color process on hold. As of now, it looks like we are about 2 weeks away from peak fall color here at home. Most of October and November are expected to be warmer than average.