This week's heat could provide some help for local crops

GRAYTOWN (WTVG) - The weather this year has made for a tough growing season for farmers all over the region. But could this brief warm up help?

Many of the crops that did make it in the ground are at least a month behind schedule, so there is a lot riding on the weather we get in the coming weeks.

Brice Gahler is a fourth generation farmer. His family farms about 1,800 acres. He is also an agronomist for Luckey Farmers in the Graytown area.

Gahler says we still need a lot of heat units yet this year, but the warm weather we are seeing now will make a difference. The question remains however if it will be enough to get the crops to where they need to be. He points out though that every little bit helps.

The other unknown is when the colder weather will settle in. If that happens too soon, it will be another blow to this year's crops. That's because the crops are so far behind schedule. However, If we get an extended growing season and get the 4-6 weeks back we lost in the spring, the crops will only be delayed, not lost.

Some estimate that about half the farm fields in our area are nothing more than dirt this year.