Tips for avoiding frozen pipes

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(TIFFIN, OH)--- Temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing for the next several days prompting concern about frozen pipes.

Aqua Ohio says they are receiving calls from customers who have suffered frozen pipes. They have offered a series of tips to avoid problems.

They recommend marking the master water valve inside the home so customers can turn off water quickly if a pipe breaks.

In unheated areas, wrap pipes with insulation material or heat tape. Wrap indoor water meters with a blanket.

For interior plumbing on an outside wall, install heat tape to the pipes beneath a sink. Open cabinet doors beneath sinks to allow warm air to reach pipes.

When temperatures remain below 10 degrees, open a thin stream of water running continuously. The cost of running water is cheaper than repairing broken pipes.

Aqua Ohio is the largest investor-owned drinking water and wastewater utility in Ohio serving about 500,000 customers in 19 counties.