Toledo Area Humane Society caring for several emaciated dogs

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MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) - The Toledo Area Humane Society is handling a disturbing case of animal cruelty. An emaciated German Shepherd is receiving round-the-clock care, and there are a couple other similar cases at the shelter right now.

The humane society handles all kinds of cruelty cases, but it has been an unusual week at the shelter. In the last few days, three different dogs from three separate cases, were brought in emaciated and near death.

Stephen Heaven is the President and CEO of the shelter,"It's incredible that we've had three separate cases in one week. It's something I have never experienced before."

Hope is one of the three dogs. According to the TAHS vet, Hope scores a one out of nine on a body weight scale. She's able to eat and drink on her own, but she has a long road ahead. Dr. Anna Brown says putting the weight back on Hope and helping her regain her strength is a slow process, "She was able to sit up for the first time today with her front legs. Her back legs are still very weak. She can stand up, but she can't move."

Heaven says Hope arrived at the shelter Friday, "I am at a loss for words as to how people can sit and watch that sort of thing happen to a dog."

Heaven says Hope was transferred to the Toledo Area Humane Society after first being taken to Lucas County Canine Care and Control by someone who said she was a stray from the 1200 block of Navarre, "We're looking into where she came from and how she got there..She is not able to walk, so we're trying to find out the real story. It is an ongoing investigation."

Toast is another dog that came in to the shelter emaciated. Dr. Brown says Toast has made significant progress in the last few days with the help of IV fluids and a blood transfusion.."Every day when I come in Toast wags his tail. That is so great to see. He's eating and drinking, and he's now able to stand on his own. It keeps you going to see that progress, knowing you're going in the right direction."

Then there's this puppy named Sadie,"She can stand, but she's not steady. She's a little shy, and she's skin and bones, nothing on her at all."

Just like all the other animals here, the goal is now to make sure Sadie's story ends well. While this is difficult and challenging work, Heaven says there are a lot of rewards,"The success stories are what you have to focus on and keep trying. This kind of thing is never going to stop, so hopefully we can make it a bit better."

Back to Hope. As you heard, she was originally brought in as a stray.
If you recognize her or know anything about how she ended up in this condition you're asked to call the Toledo Area Humane Society.
The number is (419) 891-0705. Heaven says anyone connected to Hope's case will be facing charges. Heaven adds that they have all the information they need on Toast and Sadie's cases.