Toledo Area Humane Society investigating disturbing case of abuse

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - The Toledo Area Humane Society is investigating a shocking case of alleged animal cruelty. A dog that was fighting for her life was found dumped in a Toledo alley. We want to warn you that some of you may find the images in this story upsetting.

The dog was rescued by a Good Samaritan. She was extremely thin, covered in sores and unable to stand up. Investigators need your help tracking down answers in this case.

Pictures tell the disturbing story of the dog that was rescued last week. Stephen Heaven is the President and CEO of TAHS, "Apparently the dog was in an alleyway off East Broadway. People were just driving by her. She was unable to stand and covered in fleas. On the body score chart, she scored a one out of nine."

She was also covered in sores, extremely thin, dehydrated and having seizures. Dr. Anna Brown is a vet at TAHS, "This was a dog that had not had food for an extended period of time. This did not happen quickly. We did blood work to test things like her liver and kidney function, and we determined those are not things that caused her to lose weight."

Despite all the efforts of the staff at the humane society, Dr. Brown says the dog died the day after she was brought in, "There were pressure sores on her shoulder and hip bones because she had been laying on that side for a long period of time. We don't know if she was in a basement, a garage or a house. Since she was unable to stand, we know she did not get to the alley on her own. Those sores were scabbed over, so they had been there for an extended period of time. She basically wasted away. "

The dog did have a microchip which helped lead investigators to someone who owned the dog at one point, "The owner claims the dog was given to an ex about a year ago, so that's where we are starting our investigation."

While they do have some answers, there are still a lot of things investigators do not know about this case, "We're looking for witnesses. Anyone who knows the dog or saw her being dumped."

Just like this case, Good Samaritans are often a critical part of the work of cruelty investigators, "We rely on Good Samaritans to bring us some of these cases. We rely on people to call and tell us when they see a loose animal or an animal that is in danger. Just like police departments, we couldn't do this work without the help of the public."

A necropsy was done on the dog. Early results indicate there were not any underlying medical issues, which means the dog starved to death. She was also tested for rabies. Those results came back negative

If you have any information about this case, call the Toledo Area Humane Society at (419) 891-0705.

We've also posted a link to the shelter's website on our website.