Toledo Christmas Crew delivers gifts to 25 families

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Volunteers with the Toledo Christmas Crew spent their holiday helping others.

Every year the group reaches out to families who need help with gifts and Christmas dinner. This year, they were able to provide for 25 deserving families.

"It speaks to them. They want to help right away," Riz Pack, Toledo Christmas Crew said.

Monday, they were able to see, first hand, what the community was able to do.

"Thank you, Santa!," one little boy said as he was opening his presents.

"This was a big surprise," Jessica Montemayor, a Toledo mother, said. "I knew Santa was coming but it was way more than expected."

Her three boys wasted no time doing what kids do best on Christmas morning -- opening their presents.

The Montemayors were one of 25 families who received presents from the group.

"To see children go without is very difficult," Pack said. "It's on our hearts."

Nearby, the Smith family little ones also had a surprise visitor and couldn't wait to get their hands on their presents.

For mom and dad, being able to see the looks on their childrens' faces was the only gift they needed this year.

"It was either Christmas or pay our rent," Carrie Smith said. "It was nice to be able to pay rent and still have Christmas presents for the kids."

For the dozens of volunteers, it's the small moments spent with those they're helping that make all the planning and time away from their families worth it.

"It's on all of our hearts. They just want to do what's right and do what makes them feel good and do what we can do to help people out."