Toledo Firefighters head to Texas to help in the recovery from Harvey

Published: Aug. 30, 2017 at 5:56 AM EDT
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It's official, a team from Toledo Fire and Rescue Department have received the call. At noon on Friday, they will deploy to Texas to help in the relief efforts from what was Hurricane Harvey.

The department received the call at 9:15am on Friday, asking for the team to deploy to Texas. Chief Luis Santiago says each member of the team has a skill set that will be put to use in the flooding and the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

"The firefighters with Toledo fire department, they're just special people," said Chief Santiago. "You know, this is just another example where there's help needed, there's people that are stepping over each other wanting to be deployed. So it's, this is right up their alley. This is their passion."

The team will be self-sustaining, living out of their gear while helping out.