Toledo Lead Ordinance Stalled..Not Stopped

TOLEDO Toledo is not giving up on a lead paint ordinance to protect children, but lawmakers will have to wait to see what an appeals court says on the case.
The battle over the lead ordinance in the city of Toledo has been ongoing for years. It all started back in August of 2016, when city council passed the ordinance requiring property owners to pass an inspection or get fined. The goal was to make rental properties lead safe. But last June, the lead law was put on hold when a Lucas County Judge granted an injunction that halted the enforcement of the law until further court hearings.

While the city waits for an appeal, lawmakers are working to come up with another lead paint ordinance that would work to protect children while addressing the concerns of landlords and the courts. "It's very frustrating when you look at the number of children who continue to be poisoned," says Toledo City Councilman Larry Sykes. Sykes says the city can move forward with some educational programs. "We can educate pregnant women and we can require kids entering daycare and school to be tested for lead."