Toledo Police Officer needs help after home burns

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WATERVILLE (13abc Action News) - Greg Smith was in the shower early Wednesday morning when he smelled smoke. The Toledo Assistant Patrolman had just seconds to get his wife and three kids under the age of five, out of the house.

"She grabbed the baby, and she walked, the four and five year olds out," Smith said.

After seven years of responding to calls just like this, Smith says it's not the same.

"It's one of those things, where, it's different when it happens to you. I think my wife is the hero in this, because she was more calm than I was," Smith said.

Firefighters told him the fire started in the laundry room, before spreading to the basement, and up through the attic, charring the center of the house, and many of the family's precious possessions.

Material things can be replaced. As long as we're okay, that's all that matters.

The police family has been dropping off supplies all day...

"Diapers, toys, clothes, you name it. I haven't even gone through everything," Smith said. "It's just unreal how our brothers in blue support each other."

The Smith family expects to be out of their home for the next several months, while repairs continue. Until then, the Toledo Police Federal Credit Union has set up an account in the Smith family's name. The link to that is at the side of this story.