Toledo police officers suspended for Abuse of Authority in New Year's incident

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Two Toledo police officers are facing suspension following investigation into an incident that happened on New Year's Day of this year. According to documents obtained by 13abc, Officers Adam Hobbs and Bradley Knapp have both been given 30 day suspensions, without pay, stemming from an altercation with civilians during which they abused their authority. A third officer, Officer Eric Draper, was reprimanded but not forced to serve any suspension.

According to those documents, the officers were responding to a call of shots fired when they arrived at the home of the victims. The first victim exited the home to inform the officers that they were in the wrong location when they got out of their vehicle. According to documents, Officer Hobbs yelled at the victim using explicit language and Officer Knapp placed his patrol rifle into a "high ready" position.

The officers then approached the house and Officer Hobbs shoved the victim back into the house, at which point the second victim, startled, jumped up from his seat on the porch. At that time, Officer Knapp grabbed the second victim and placed the muzzle of his rifle against his chest before pushing him back down into his chair. Officer Draper reportedly assisted Officer Knapp by using a control technique to force the victim to let go of the officer.

The first victim then returned to the porch and was ordered to sit in another chair. According to police documents, the two victims repeatedly told the officers they were in the wrong place and that they had called 911, but the officers "did not appear to comprehend what they were being told and instead verbally engaged [the victims] with a stream of coarse and profane language."

All three officers received reprimands. Officers Knapp and Hobbs received 30 day suspensions without pay. Officer Hobbs will serve 20 of those days. Officer Knapp will serve 15.

The incident was caught on the officer's body cameras but police have not yet released that video.