Toledo 'Students in Action' bringing home big honors at Jefferson Awards

Published: Jun. 22, 2017 at 11:39 PM EDT
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“It’s honestly surreal to be here this evening," Abi Lovell said.

Lovell and her squad of do-gooders are proudly representing Lake High School in Washington D.C. They were brought here because of their tremendous service to the Toledo community.

“Part of the Lake High School’s student in action team and we won the Gold Banner for the Toledo region thanks to our efforts in fundraising and awareness to breast cancer," Lovell added.

The team not only raised over $12,000 for one of their 'Flyer' family members fighting cancer, but they started a campaign creating awareness around another important issue, teen suicide. Now they’re in D.C. being celebrated for their service at the Jefferson Awards. An event that recognizes groups for their extraordinary service.

“It’s so humbling to be here along with al of these other amazing people who have done amazing things and continue to do so," Rebekah Swartz, a Jefferson Award recipient said.

The girls brought the room to their feet with that message.

"Service isn’t a competition it’s collaboration. No one in here not everyone came up to the stage but no one is going to leave a loser," Lovell said on stage as she accepted the award.

Lake Flyers student in action squad are inspiration for those in the audience and in their community.

“I just believe that Toledo is such a great area and city and it’s just amazing that you can do big things no matter how old you are," Maddy Eye added.