Toledo Toddler Survives Life Threatening Heart Defect

Two year old Greyson Mich is an active and healthy toddler. One year ago he was recovering from a near fatal congenital heart defect. The problem was caught because his mother Jaclyn followed her mother's intuition and got him checked by Promedica Toledo Children's Hospital Dr. Jeffrey Moore, MD. Moore is a pediatric cardiologist and detected Greyson's issue right away. It is called Coarctation of the aorta and it can be fatal in infants like Greyson. "I just had a bad feeling that we needed to get him checked out," says Mich.

Greyson had surgery to correct the problem and is now doing very well. "It's pretty rare that we get a congenital heart defect that we can't do anything for," says Moore, "We might not have all the parts some kids are born missing half their heart, and we can't re grow the second part of the heart. We rework the plumbing into what's a viable cardiac system."