Toledo woman lucky to be alive after an ambush attack in her car

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A Toledo woman is lucky to be alive after an ambush attack in her own car.

The robbery started Friday morning outside the 7-Eleven on Bancroft, just blocks from the University of Toledo campus.

The woman said two men were hiding in the back seat of her car when she left the store. They got away with her cell phone and left her with bruises.

Teresa Stoner's Friday started the way it always does, with a trip to the nearby 7-Eleven. She left her truck running while she ran inside.

Moments into the ride home, things took a turn for the worse.

"I turned down our street and all of a sudden, this kid comes popping up, and I looked in my rearview mirror and I'm like freaking out," says Stoner.

Stoner said there were two young men hidden in the back seat who sprayed her with pepper spray.

"Once they sprayed me it was totally different. I was like, Oh no, I can't see. I was like hyperventilating because I was so scared," Stoner said.

Stoner pulled into a nearby driveway.

"[I] jumped out, started running. They tackled me and started kicking me," Stoner said.

The men demanded money but she didn't have any. The beating stopped until they realized they didn't take her phone.

"They came back and beat me up again," Stoner said.

Police arrived moments after the men disappeared with her phone.

"I got stitches inside my mouth. My cheekbone is shattered up here. My top of my nose is broke. My entire body is just beat up from being kicked and punched around," Stoner said.

After learning of the attack, the neighborhood is feeling uneasy.

"My mom, she called me last night after this happened. Get some mace, get a taser because I live in this neighborhood. I don't have a gun, I walk. I'm a college student for God's sake," said Jeffery Williams, who frequents the 7-Eleven.

Stoner is happy she made it home alive and is sending out a warning to others to lock your car, even if it's just a quick trip.

"They think they got away with it now. They'll probably think they can get away with it again," Stoner said.

Police have not made any arrests in this case.

As for Stoner, she is recovering at home with help from her family and hoping the men who did this to her will be caught.