Toledo Zoo announces new baby orangutan

Published: May. 14, 2020 at 9:30 AM EDT
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The Toledo Zoo's newest addition to their animal family had a rough first few days, but now Fajar is ready to make her public debut.

Fajar, a Bornean orangutan, was born October 12, and while staff observed mom Leela cradling and cleaning the new baby, keepers were concerned about the placenta remaining attached.

They decided to separate mom and baby for a full veterinary examination, where tests revealed Fajar had an infection in the umbilicus. She was hand-reared by staff for 24 hours a day for six months while she was being treated.

Both mom and baby were being trained daily during their separation, hoping to reunite the two as soon as they could.

Mom and baby were reintroduced on April 6, and when the staff saw consistent healthy bonding and proper care, they were left together overnight. Their relationship continues to grow, to the point where human interaction was ceased.

Fajar now weighs 12 pounds, has 10 teeth, and eats rice cereal mixed with fruits and vegetables while also starting to sample food from Leela.

Fajar's official public introduction hasn't been announced yet.