Toledo a 'welcoming' city NOT a 'sanctuary' city

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TOLEDO - Toledo police are charged with enforcing city laws and they are not legally required to enforce federal laws.

But Toledo will not stand in the way if the feds get involved.

Adam Loukx, Toledo's law director says, "We don't go kicking in doors or launching investigations, that's the balliwick or ice. It has a prescence here and somebody we cooperate with."

Toledo police officers will not stop people on the street to ask whether they have immigration papers.

The city welcomes immigrants and will provide fire and police protection for everyone, including to illegals.

But that's as far as sanctuary goes, according to mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson who says, "If there is someone who violates our laws, state laws, gets into the criminal justice system, then that's where they run the risk of the federal government coming in and doing what it has to do."

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