Toledo councilman upset with officers' conduct during arrest caught on camera

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It was a heated exchange between a Toledo woman and police, and it was all caught on camera.

Back on September 3, officers responded to Belmont and Hoag for a weapons call. Once they arrived reports show that Kshawna Barnett started yelling at officers.

In the video police ask the 23-year-old to stop and when she doesn't they arrest her for disorderly conduct. It's a move that councilman Larry Sykes doesn't agree with.

"This officer is engaging her in a manner that is unacceptable," Sykes said.

Sykes says he feels officers agitated Barnett to a point where things got out of hand.

"Instead of rolling up the window and disengaging, deescalating the situation, I saw that they continued to escalate the situation," Sykes said.

Along with conduct concerns, Sykes says the fact that officers called Barnett a "criminal" is upsetting.

"Criminals have rights also, and if she has not been prosecuted or charged then he shouldn't even be bringing it up," Sykes said.

Barnett has had previous run-ins with officers before, most recently in July when she allegedly resisted arrest and tossed a loaded handgun in the direction of several kids.

Chief George Kral said Wednesday that the incident is unfortunate, but he also supports his officer's decision to arrest Barnett.

"I don't think they elevated it any more than what initially started," Kral said. "Could they have gotten back in the car and left? Possibly, but there was obviously something going on there that they were there for."

Barnett is out of jail and has a case set for trial at the end of September. In the meantime, councilman Sykes is asking for her disorderly conduct charges to be dropped. He also wants the officers involved in the arrest to be suspended and undergo sensitivity training.