Toledo digs out

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) You could hear the sound of snow blowers and shovels across our area. Steven Avina was dressed in layers of clothing as he threw snow around.

"This is the first time I had to use it this year. Unusually a couple inches I just shovel. I know if it keeps going on all day so. I thought I could get an early start," said Steven Avina.

The snow blanketed the area.Some citizens appreciate the snowflakes, but not everyone's moved by the white stuff.

"The snow blower died. Oh no!! Before I can get it fixed I have to get out to get the parts. That's what is messing with me," said Richard Woidke.

Dick Hayes use his John Deer snow plow. A gift from his wife.

"When I was 50 she said you're getting too old to do it by hand. She comes home with this thing. I complain about the money ... well worth it. God Bless her," said Dick Hayes.

He admits he had trouble maneuvering it.

"I get to the end of his house and I usually stop because I'm good at tearing up lawns with this too. So I don't want to make them mad," said Hayes.

We rode down side street after side street after side street of snow-covered roads. As Toledoans dig out the city is preparing to clear the side streets over the weekend.

We couldn't help, but notice when this UT student was shoveling the snow there was a pickup with a plow in the driveway. She says it's her dad's truck.

"Can't you drive dad's truck back there? He doesn't let me drive it. He's very particular about his stuff like that. He's at work and I thought I would get my workout in today by shoving the driveway," said Olivia Skelding.

City leaders say please keep your neighbors in mind and remember, it is a requirement in the Municipal Code that snow must be removed from commercial and residential properties within 24 hours.