Domino's to give $10k to Toledo for road paving

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - UPDATE: Toledo has been selected to receive $10,000 for paving. Toledo City Council will vote in the next few weeks to officially accept the money.

Days before the official start of summer and Toledo drivers say they're still being plagued by potholes.

"They're terrible," said Toledo driver Ronnell Isom. "We need to do something about it fast."

Along with making for a bumpy ride, the craters in the road create seemingly endless issues for cars.

"Tires getting holes in them, slow leaks, rims bent," said Isom. "A lot of guys drive on rims and they've got to avoid the potholes just because it bends the rims so bad."

Other drivers say the potholes cause safety concerns on their commute through town.

"They tear up your car, for one thing, and they always make you have an accident because you try to swerve from hitting it and you almost hit somebody," said Toledo driver Regina Sims.

Since the beginning of June Toledo road crews have filled more than 43,000 potholes.

The city is also aiming to mill and fill at least 25 miles of city streets before the end of 2018.

But a new offer from Domino's Pizza could possibly speed up the process and smooth out the streets.

"That'd be awesome if that could help," said Isom. "Toledo needs help."

Domino's launched 'Paving for Pizza' with the goal of ensuring pies make it home in one piece.

The program allows customers to nominate their city and, if selected, the pizza giant will give money for road repairs...and to protect pizza.

"Pizza can help," said Isom. "I'll get an extra pepperoni just to fill a pothole."

Paving for pizza has already fixed roads in Texas, Delaware, Georgia and California.

It's not clear how much money Domino's is dishing out to repair streets, however.