Toledo home getting unwanted calls for area business

Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 10:35 PM EST
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At one Toledo home, a ring of the phone likely means the call isn't for those who live there.

"I work hard all day, I come home, and then for three hours after I get home the phone is ringing non-stop," Toledoan Dorothy Ollivier said.

Since Thanksgiving, Ollivier and her roommate say they've been bombarded with calls by those looking to reach a business called NeighborWorks.

"I pay a phone bill every month, but I'm not paying a phone bill to answer calls for a business," Ollivier said.

Ollivier says callers will dial the business' number, and they're somehow then transferred to hers. Her roommate says they get at least 50 calls per day, and sometimes it's more.

"I mean, I'm their secretary pretty much," Ollivier's roommate James Mysinger said.

We dialed the number for NeighborWorks in the pair's living room, and sure enough we rang the wrong place.

When the roommates aren't fielding phone calls they're likely sorting through voicemails directed toward the non-profit neighborhood improvement group.

"Hopefully, I got the right number, but please give me a call back," one caller said in Ollivier's voicemail. "I'd like to see if I qualify [for service.]"

After dealing with the issue for nearly two months, Ollivier says she hasn't heard much from NeighborWorks despite reaching out to the business.

We stopped by the East Toledo business on Monday where leaders say the unwanted calls stem from a transition to a new communications provider.

"On behalf of the organization, I apologize for all the private citizens that have had to put up with receiving our business calls," NeighborWorks Toledo's chief executive officer WIlliam Farnsel said.

Farnsel says he's gotten multiple complaints from people saying they're getting his organization's calls. Until the phone providers make the switch, Farnsel says others will get the calls.

"We're in touch with [our providers] every day, and so we will add this to the list of complaints," Farnsel said.

So as NeighborWorks tries to get its number back Ollivier says she's likely to change hers if things aren't resolved soon.

"I would like to see it fixed where I have my phone service that I'm paying for," Ollivier said.

If you're looking to get in touch with NeighborWorks leaders say don't dial their number as it currently doesn't work. Instead, they say you can email them at, or drop by their offices at 704 Second Street in Toledo.

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