Five children removed from "unsafe, horrendous living conditions" after drug raid

Source: Toledo Police Department

TOLEDO (WTVG) - A Toledo man appeared in court this morning to face multiple charges stemming from a narcotics raid at his home on Woodhaven Drive.

According to court documents, Dennis Byndom was arrested Wednesday afternoon when police entered to find a small amount of cocaine and a firearm which Byndom is prohibited from having due to being found incompetent in court.

Police also discovered five children at the residence living in "unsafe horrendous living conditions that presented immediate danger to the children." The remains of a mummified puppy were also found in the home, and three living dogs were removed. The live animals are now with Lucas County Canine Care and Control.

The Toledo Area Humane Society is investigating the death of the puppy and are treating it as suspicious. They say the puppy had been there for at least eight months.

Byndom was charged with Endangering Children, Weapons Under Disability, Trafficking Drugs, and Possession of Controlled Substances.

He appeared before a judge in Toledo Municipal Court Thursday morning and was ordered released on his own recognizance with electronic monitoring.

He will appear back in court on October 16th.