Toledo man looks for justice after suspects flee to Saudi Arabia

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - 4 years after a brutal attack that was caught on camera investigators know who they're trying to hold accountable for the crime but they can't.

That's because all 4 suspects fled the country and it doesn't seem like there's any chance or even will to bring them back. Leaving the victim here without justice.

Mickey McWatters and his friends were spending a typical July 2015 night at Jake's Saloon on Dorr Street by Douglas. Surveillance video captures the end of the night, after 2am when a group of men were asked to put their drinks down and leave. They did not.

"The bar tender comes running out yelling: Call for the police. We can see that he's bleeding," said McWatters.

That's when an all-out fight begins, pool cues swung, shirts lost. McWatters stayed out of the actual fighting. He did take a photo on his phone of one of the suspect's license plate.

"You can see a flash underneath and you can see two guys running up behind me and that's when i got decked," said McWatters.

That “decking” resulted in staples being placed in his head after going to a Toledo hospital. He doesn't remember the actual attack but the blood is hard to forget. Blood that was all over his clothes and a wall outside the bar.

"It was shocking because I didn't know. I didn't even know anything had happened when I was getting hit in the head. As I got up I felt weak. I stumbled a few steps and I had a cold wet shoulder and arm and was like 'what is that'? That's when i put my whole hand on my head and I was like 'oh geez' I'm covered in blood," said McWatters.

His photo led to 4 arrests.
Those suspects are Abdulhadi Alras, Ali Binshafiah, Abdulhadi Binshafiah, and Rashad Almarri. They were charged in Toledo municipal court and indicted by a Lucas County grand jury.

That's when McWatters came to the Lucas County Common Pleas court for a hearing in 2015. That’s when he got the startling news from a court employee.

"She asks me to follow her and she informs me that they're no longer in the United States. They're now in Saudi Arabia," said McWatters.

All four bonded out and disappeared. It's presumed they went back to Saudi Arabia where all 4 are Saudi nationals.

An investigation by the Oregonian, a newspaper out of Portland Oregon, has uncovered issues nationwide of Saudi nationals, more specifically students, making bond and leaving the US without facing prosecution for their crimes.

If you check the US State Department's list of countries with extradition treaties, you won't find Saudi Arabia.
Lucas County prosecutors tell 13abc there's not much they can do with this case. There's an active warrant for all 4. If they are arrested, they will be prosecuted.

"If they come back they're really stupid,” said McWatters.

McWatters doesn't think he'll ever see a trial or get any financial restitution. The medical bills became overwhelming. He is working these days, life is getting back to some normalcy but he'll probably never see justice.

"I doubt they feel remorseful over what they did especially if you watch the video. They seem pretty proud of themselves,” added McWatters. “If it was brought to me that there's anything I could do I would but I don't see anything I could actually do."