Toledo man told he owes thousands; not getting help from tax preparer

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - A Toledo man thought his taxes would be fine after going to a professional tax place.

It turns out he owed thousands of dollars and now he's getting the run-around to get some of that money back.

These tax problems that came to light now for Keith Miller are almost two years old. Now he wants to the company that did his taxes to hold up their end of the deal. So far they're not.

Miller remembers the feeling when he saw the legitimate letter from the IRS saying he owes over $8000

"Probably the pain from myself hitting the floor," said Miller.

In 2014-2015 he took a little more out of each check. So when his refund was more than $5000 he thought it was strange but after the IRS asked for an amendment and it was sent, he got his check.

"When I received my refund amount I said wow that's extraordinary," said Miller.

It all came to a head this July when the IRS told Miller he not only owed back taxes from 2015, but a penalty of more than $120 and interest of close to $400.

"Well, we went into our savings and had to pay that," said Miller.

Miller had his taxes done at Liberty Tax Service near Dorr and Collingwood. It’s a location that was closed Thursday when the I-Team stopped by. As part of the deal, in writing, the company says it will pay fees and interest if there's a problem.

But after several calls, this former state trooper and Scott High School principal Miller still doesn't have this money.

"I know things come up. I know things happen but when they do you make the corrections. You do what's necessary to make it right," said Miller.

We reached out to a company representative Thursday. We have not heard back.

Here’s a bit of advice when filing your taxes, if you ever get a refund that seems too large or abnormal it might be worth a second opinion.