Toledo man wants his money back after supposed bad insulation job at his home

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - David Switzer is frustrated with the way he says his home insulation job turned out.

"They could have done this to hundreds of people and taken their money and nobody would ever know," said Switzer.

Back in September, Switzer says he paid IES Energy Experts $6,200 to put foam insulation in the walls of his Toledo home. A few months later he says he started kitchen renovations and what he found shocked him.

"After tearing into holes and making holes in the wall there's no insulation,"said Switzer.

As Switzer continued his work he says he found more spots without insulation.

"This is something that an average person would never know until it happens and you do more investigation," said Switzer.

Switzer says he contacted the company and says he was told they only insulated the brick cavities or wythe. Based on his contract, however, Switzer says that wasn't what he agreed to.

"This is my construction: aluminum, brick and fiberglass with 2 by 4 walls," said Switzer showing 13abc a copy of his signed agreement.

Switzer says he even checked his brick for insulation through un-patched holes left behind by the company.

"We took a fish line and put a fish sinker and let it go down," said Switzer. "There's nothing stopping it. It was never filled."

Switzer says IES did offer to reassess his home, but he turned them away on fear of further damage.

"The outside of the house has been damaged," said Switzer. "I'm going to have to put vinyl because they don't make the aluminum no more to be replaced on the outside of the house."

Now in the middle of winter Switzer says his energy bills are up 20 percent and he wants his money back.

"Buyer beware," said Switzer. "Do your research, find out—which I didn't do."

Switzer says he has a lawyer pursing the supposed bad work done to his home and claims he'll see the issue through.

13abc also stopped by the IES Energy Experts office and were told the owners weren't in. We also called and left a message but didn't hear back.