Toledo mayoral candidates working until the end

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TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc, Action News) - At the challengers headquarters, only three people were on the phones and one of those was the candidate's wife.

Wade Kapszukiewicz says he's proud of the race he's run, based on ideas and not personal attacks.

"As a result," he says, "I'm going to be confident and satisfied regardless of the result tomorrow."

But Kapszukiewicz is really in an uphill fight. He took advantage of every opportunity and his calendar was filled with events every day for months so he could meet voters wherever they were.

"We communicated with them well through television commericials, and direct mail pieces, news conferences, church festivals, door to door," Kapsuzkiewicz says.

But this Democrat is running against an incumbent Democratic mayor and you could see the difference a party endorsement makes.

Party volunteers made get-out-the-vote calls, and data on voter habits let the mayor know who votes for her.

But she wasn't taking it easy on this last day before the election, saying, "Was there one more phone call I could have made, of course."

While the mayor has all that party support she also had a city to run and that took time from the campaign even though serving as mayor helps people see you peroform the job.

Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson says, "That's the beauty of talking to voters and real people. You really can learn and listen to what's on their mind and what they're concerned about."

Now, what both candidates will listen to is the verdict of the voters. We'll now what they think, Tuesday night.

The mayor says it took her 18-months to really understand the routine and challenges of the job.

She thinks it is important she be allowed to finish that job.

Wade Kapszukiewicz is proud he does not have his party's endorsement. He says, if elected, he will not be shackled by a party machine but will answer to the taxpayers.

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