Toledo police adopt police cat after social media challenge

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The Toledo police department accepted a social media challenge back in March that has ended with the department adopting a police cat.

The challenge started when officers in Troy, Mich. launched a similar campaign. The aimed to add to their Twitter followers and told users the department would adopt a cat, if it reached its goal. The department was successful after just eight days using the hashtag #WeWantAPoliceCat.

Sgt. Meghan Lehman says the department will work with the Humane Society to bring in a cat. The department is now looking for a cat that would be a good fit and deciding on a handler. The animal will be used for therapeutic purposes.

Karen Marquardt, assistant fire chief of the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department, challenged Toledo police chief George Kral to take on a similar social media campaign.

The Toledo police department posted the video above along with a Tweet reading, "Help us reach 20k followers and "Chase" will be the first #toledopolice feline. We are partnering with @ToledoHumane on his adoption. RT!"

While TPD did not reach its goal on Instagram, the department decided to go ahead and adopt the feline officer anyway. TPD says it is taking suggestions on what to name the cat. A spokesperson tells 13abc the department will likely have a public vote.

The department says the black and white male kitten will live full-time with the family of civilian employee Danielle Dressel, but will make occasional appearances at the police department.

In a news release, the department writes, "The purpose of fulfilling this social media challenge is to show the lighter side of law enforcement, promote animal adoptions at the Toledo Area Humane Society, and increase the Toledo Police Department’s social media following. Recent successful cases have proved the value to public safety social media can provide."