Toledo prepares its water supply if storms hit NW Ohio

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Amid a tornado outbreak in Dayton into Tuesday morning, one of Dayton's big issues is its water supply. The city issued boil advisories for several parts of the city after losing power at its water treatment plant.

That issue is something Toledo's water treatment plant was prepared for when the city activated part of its emergency plans Monday night.

Monday night around 8:15, amid our area being under the gun for storms, Toledo's water treatment plant switched over to its backup generator power, just in case normal electricity was lost.

That's part of the training and procedures at the Collins Park water treatment plant. There are 5 backup generators at the plant. City engineers tell 13abc that it only takes two of them to power the plant at any one time.

In addition to those, there are backup generators at the three 3 pumps throughout the city. All with the goal of keeping pressure in those lines. When pressure is lost that is when those boil advisories are issued until the lines are flushed.

Toledo has had its well documented water issues so monthly tests of those systems are designed to never have another water disruption as they have seen in Dayton in the last 24 hours.

“It's another reinforcement that we need to continue to do the things we're doing right now and continue to do our training annually, make sure our backups are operational on a monthly basis and just continue to upgrade our systems and stay on top of where we are as far as our functional capabilities," said Doug Stephens with the city’s Engineering Department.

The city of Toledo went back to normal electricity power Tuesday morning as the storm threat cleared.