Toledo recruiting candidates for 2020 police class

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - Toledo police held another informational meeting Monday night as the look for good police class recruits.

A good crowd showed up.

The mayor wants 700 officers on the street and he's making headway with events like the recruiting sessions.

But before you make it as an officer on the street, before you get a seat in Toledo's police academy, you start at one of these sessions listening to all Toledo police have to offer.

From benefits to work shifts, about 60 potential officer candidates were intrigued by what they heard.

Some want a career change and the danger of being on the force does not bother them

Mackenzie Abel told 13abc, "I think here's danger in almost anything that you do and if putting myself in a little more danger helps other people to be safe, that's OK."

John Adams said, "At all times, if you do the right thing, in my opinion, it should turn out OK."

TPD has a class beginning July 5th.

Those recruits started as 300 guests. One-hundred twenty five applied. Forty will sit in the academy.

But Monday's potential recruits would start the academy one year from now.

Sgt. Lourdes Rocha, with Toledo Police says, "Unfortunately, just because of the way the process is, we're not able to hire them on the spot."

But that doesn't deter every applicant.

Malachi Graham is one who wants to make a difference, keep people safe and set an example.

Graham says, "A lot of minorities really are afraid of police officers and it's hard out there for us. So maybe hoping that I can change something for them."

So far this year, about 250 people have attended a TPD informational session.

They can officially apply starting June first.

But a year is a long time to wait so TPD hopes the best candidates will still be available next May.

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