Toledo road crews did more with less money, this year!

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Typically, city road crews will get to about 9 or 10 miles of residential streets a year.

But this year, they repaired 12.4 miles and spread more than 9,486 tons of asphalt on our roads.

The man who runs Streets, Bridges and Harbor was impressed with his team. Jeremy Mikolaczyk says, "the product that they put out has been tremendously better than it was in the past."

Of course, the warm dry, weather helped out and there were few equipment failures.

And crews worked on 52 streets then added another 5.

And that meant filling potholes, 54,649 potholes by hand and another 5-thousand through that pothole killer we told you about in the spring.

Mikolajczk says "We're in the process of reviewing how those potholes were made, how those potholes are going to hold up. has it really been effective for Toledo."

And all this work was done with less money, only $500,000 allocated by the city, but the department dipped into another fund to pay the rest.

And asphalt prices were lower because oil prices dropped.

But now the leaves are starting to fall, that means leaf pickup by the end of the month.

Then the snow will fall and that means plowing season

But for now, it's nice to look back at what road crews consider a very productive year.

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