Toledo road work budget to grow, spread evenly

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TOLEDO - (13abc, Action News) - Toledo city residents will see more work done on their roads this year, 10 times more, literally.

Instead of $700,000 spent fixing your streets in 2016, council is about to approve $7 million, this year.

Councilmembers are looking over the map.

We showed Tyrone Riley what his district will get under this year's plan according to the city's map.

Not as many as some other districts but he's glad to have the work.

Riley says, "Residential streets, and streets period, has a reflection on the neighborhood."

Thirty-four residential resurfacing projects are on the list, this year.

Riley's District one and District two will each get 4-road projects.

Districts three and four will get 6-road projects...

And Districts five and six will get 7-road projects...

Councilman Tom Waniewski represents District 5. He says, "All the roads need to be repaved, we need to do a better job covering the city."

he found the $700,000 for road work, last year, and likes the $7-million dollar plan, this year.

But Waniewski says what we really need is to fix pipes, replace surfaces and build curbs and sidewalks; not patch potholes and seal cracks.

Waniewski says, "I wish there was a better plan from the city saying this where we're doing it and this is why we're doing it."

Despite the difference in the number of projects allocated to each district, the city points out the plan focuses on equal distribution of work and money.

Each district will get to spend about $1.2 million and re-surface between two and two-and-a-half miles of road.

Tthere's a public meeting on the road work proposed for this year at Christ Presbyterian Church Wednesday at 6pm.

Council will likely approv the $7 million in road work at next week's meeting.