Toledo to sell vacant property with new interactive map

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - The city of Toledo is trying to sell vacant lots that it currently owns. City leaders hope a new interactive tool will help accomplish that goal because there are plenty to sell.

According to the Department of Development, the city has 800 properties right now. That's expected to grow to around 3000 in the next few years.

Margaret Hodges remembers when Avondale Avenue had far more homes and families living in them.

"I think about them when I know who used to live there and how they just disappeared,” said Hodges.

To help bring people back and bring life back to some areas, the city of Toledo produced an interactive map. It locates all the vacant lots owned by the city. People living next door or close to the properties can buy them for about $150 dollars.

They're looking for buyers current with their taxes, even some who might be close.

"We would like to work with them to see what can be done to get them more current. If there's a payment program, if there's a history of payments that all looks good. We're fairly flexible on that but we'd like to see that it doesn't go through the forfeiture process again," said Bill Burkett, the commissioner of economic development for the city of Toledo.

City administrators said Thursday what they're not looking for are out of town, out of state buyers. They want people who have a stake in Toledo and want it to thrive.